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Going Through Old Negs.......

Don’t Look Back – That’s Not Where We Are Going…
Gulf of Mexico - Off Cedar Key, Florida

Claming - The Way We Work

Pulling clams - off Cedar Key, Florida, Gulf of Mexico.

Poster - Work In Progress...
This is a 'work-in-progress' poster I am designing for a show in which I will participate this coming September. The photo is by me.

Suwannee River, Florida

Another Cyanotype print from my Suwannee River Portfolio. Printed on Canson Montval 140 lb, cp watercolor paper.

"Cyanotype Portfolio..."
I made this print yesterday for my Cyanotype Portfolio [as distinguished from the book.] The image is about 7 inches tall and printed on a piece of 140 lb, cp, 9×11 Canson Montval paper, as opposed to my book prints, which are on 90 lb Canson Montval paper. I know I have posted this image before. However, I wanted to show it again for several reasons. Firstly, I adjusted the colors on this one to resemble the original as closely as possible. When first scanned, these prints are always too blue. It is tempting to post them that way, but than again, I am growing very fond of this color cast. Secondly I wanted to again express my amazement as to how good I think these landscape photos work as Cyanotypes. Also I never thought that my Cyanotype prints would lend themselves to reproducing this kind of detailed image, but it seems that the dense vegetation in this one works particularly well. I overexposed this one a bit – on purpose.

“Japanese Binding using Board….”
After finishing my last Japanese Stab Binding book, I became interested in doing one using the Japanese Binding In Board approach I found on youtube. Both Sage Reynolds and Peter Baumgartner have some excellent videos out on this. I was particularly fascinated with the elegant way in which Peter Baumgartner dealt with tying off and hiding the final knot in the stitching process. So I selected the images I wanted to use and this time printed them on 8×10 inch Strathmore Drawing Paper. I really do like the paper. Of course it does not give the same photographic quality that proper ink-jet paper gives. However, for the images I wanted to use I thought the paper would work very well, and I like the feel of it.
When I approach projects like this I like to as much as possible, use material at hand. One of the materials one is supposed to use when doing something like this, is bookbinding cloth. I did not have any, and the piece I tried to make myself did not turn out. I thought of buying some canvas cloth in town, but then decided to just use brown kraft paper, of which I have a roll standing in the corner.

Using some of the techniques show in Baumgartner’s videos and some of those shown in Reynolds’ videos I made, what I think, is a pretty serviceable book. It has a bit of a wabi-sabi quality to it, which I appreciate in a lot of my work, and which might turn some people  off completely. When I frame photographs the traditional way, I do not incorporate a wabi-sabi aesthetic into the finished work. In framing I usually become a Modernist.

One reason I think that I am turning to book-binding is that we simply do not have any more room to hang framed photographs in our house. The books are a wonderful way of gathering a portfolio or suite of images and having them handy and out of the way at the same time.

There is something about the stab binding process and look that really attracts me. I plan on sticking with it for a while, and do hope that my next ones are a little more mistake free, while retaining that wabi-sabi feel.


“No, this is NOT a fashion shoot….”

Yesterday afternoon I met my friends Wayland and Milinda at the ‘sandpile’ to go out with them while they pulled some clams at Corrigan’s Reef.The weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm.However, the water was not warm enough for me to get in and photograph while Wayland went over the side and gathered up the heavy bags of clams. I decided to stay in the boat instead and photograph Milinda, who -when she is not out working on the water – is a designer, with degrees in Art History and Design. What I loved about the day was that this was nothing unusual, that is what life is like here on this small island community in the Gulf of Mexico.
This time I took my waterproof Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX10 instead of my Canon G10, which I had nearly ruined on previous trip out on the water.In addition my Yashica T4 and Yashica Electro also went along.Worrying too much about getting salt water on my camera was something that in the past never concerned me that much.Shooting only film,I would take my manual Yashica FX3-S with its 50mm Zeiss lens, and happily photograph away. Can’t do that with digital cameras, I found out. This time the weather was so perfect that I did not have to worry about salt-spray or waves ruining my cameras.

SouthxSoutheast Photo Magazine

Several of my highway 19/98 photos from the Florida Highway portfolio are in the current issue of SouthxSoutheast Magazine. SXSE is a great online magazine of Southern photography. Unfortunately you will not be able to take a peak at the photos unless you have a subscription to the magazine. However, you can also see them and more on my website. I am delighted to be included in the magazine, especially since this is the ‘Art Miami’ issue.

To keep informed about Southern Photography take a look at John Wall’s fine blog on the subject.

"The Present"

I do love my Canon G10 - I think it is a wonderful size, and feels like a high quality classic rangefinder.  The image quality is superb, I don't think I need anything better!


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